Strategies to mitigate supply chain risk under scrutiny

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The past year has seen some major challenges for supply chain professionals with natural disasters such as tsunamis and floods disrupting operations. Not surprisingly mitigating supply chain risk has moved sharply up the executive agenda.

Patrik Jansson, vice president, head of engineering and materials management operations at Sony Ericsson, will be examining the issue at the Extended Supply Chain Conference which takes place in London in April

He will consider the importance of managing risk, as well as identifying the critical threat. He will examine collaborative strategies to manage and mitigate those risks as they arise and build a resilient supply chain. And he will also look at alternative sources of supply.

Patrick Jansson is just one of the leading supply chain professionals speaking at Extended Supply Chain.

In a key session, two industry leaders will be analysing these changes and the responses to it.

Gareth Deakin, head of business development at Sony Music UK, and Tony Matthews, head of e-commerce, supply chain solutions at arvato UK & Ireland, will consider the impact of the growing demand for e-commerce on retailers and their supply chain.

In particular, they will look at how to manage multi-channel fulfilment cost effectively, how to optimise warehouses for multi-channel fulfilment, and managing reverse logistics operations in a multi-channel environment.

And critically, they will consider how multi-channel fulfilment can drive sales and support customer loyalty.

Supply chain collaboration will also come under scrutiny at the conferenced when Garry Clamp of Vodafone will look at Generating Value Through Supply Chain Collaboration.

He will give an overview of the supplier management 2.0 programme as well as considering engagement and governance, and tools to support collaboration. He will also reflect on the importance of recognising and rewarding success.

More than 40 speakers and 200 delegates will descend on London for the Extended Supply Chain conference which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

[asset_ref id=”1469″]ESC is attended by Europe’s most forward-thinking and innovative supply chain leaders. Bringing together supply chain and logistics directors from a range of industry sectors, this event is the annual forum for discussing and debating supply chain best practice and operational excellence.

The conference takes place in London from 16th to 18th April.

Full details are on the Extended Supply Chain web site:

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