Yale launches 8-16 tonne range

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Yale has launched a new generation of 8-16 tonne couterbalance trucks which it says boosts productivity, saves fuel, and complies with recently introduced Stage IIIA NRMM emissions legislation.

the GDP80-120DC and GDP130-160EC benefit from the powertrain and hydraulic configurations of the company’s Veracitor VX series.

The new DC and EC series uses a high performance 116kW (155Hp) @2300rpm diesel engine.

The “Value” configuration uses an electronically controlled transmission that provides additional cooling capacity for use in intensive applications resulting in lower overall cost of ownership and up to an additional five per cent fuel saving over the base model. Dual variable displacement hydraulic pumps on the “Value” model allow up to 20 per cent higher lifting speeds for intense productivity.

Fuel savings of up to five per cent can be achieved with the Load Sensing Hydraulics system, which uses variable displacement hydraulic pumps to sense demand and deliver the exact amount of hydraulic oil required.

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