Sony DADC set out plans for new DC

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Sony DADC has set out plans to construct a new, enhanced UK distribution centre on the Enfield site where its national distribution hub was destroyed by fire during the London riots last year.

The new building, which is due to become operational in the summer, will be two metres higher than its predecessor, It will contain three office floors (one more floor than previously) stretching over 24,000 sq m.

The new facility will offer enhanced B2C distribution and retail services in addition to its existing B2B services. The company said: “A so-called super structure holding more weight, will set a new standard in warehouse and distribution services.”

Chris Reiser, executive vice president at Sony DADC International, said: “In addition to their outstanding experience, the team that we have built in Enfield makes me incredibly proud to think of the way they have reacted so professionally to adversity.

“Our plan is to support this team, keep the skill base we have built here and continue to provide our customers with the same high service levels. When completed, our new UK distribution centre will occupy the same site, but it will provide even better support than before with more capacity, better technology and a bigger infrastructure, which is intended to support future growth.”

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Sony DADC’s new DC will be able to offer enhanced B2C services.

The new building will have enhanced security designed to make a repeat of events from last summer virtually impossible.
“Despite suffering the complete loss of our UK distribution centre in summer 2011, our customers have been very supportive and encouraging during the difficult period post fire, while our team has shown tremendous strength of character and determination to succeed,” said Natasha Tyrrell, general manager distribution UK.

“We are determined to keep this fantastic team together, to strengthen their resources and to create a great place to work – while supporting our current client base in their growth strategies. We are excited about going online this summer.”

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