Vital role of segmentation under scrutiny

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Supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co will be describing its approach to designing supply chain segmentation and outlining a new, rigorous approach to effective segmentation strategies at the Extended Supply Chain Conference 2012.

Extended Supply Chain is an established thought-leadership conference in its tenth year, attended by Europe’s most forward thinking and innovative supply chain Leaders, taking place at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London on 17th and 18th April.

Visitors to ESC on Tuesday 17th April will learn how to implement best practice strategies through practical examples, which directly impact on business positively.

John Sewell, principal at Crimson, who will be leading the workshop said:  “There has been an explosion of demands on the supply chain, driven by increasing diversity in markets and customer demands. In markets, globalisation and penetration of the central supply chain down to the local market mean that products have to be managed, made, sold, delivered and paid for; in tiny alcoves in mega cities through mega-marts in the heartlands to single unit traders at the end of a river trip; on-line and off-line. Meanwhile, the customer wants the product: immediately, custom configured, made or even designed; and cheap and exclusive. And all this needs to be accommodated in one supply chain.

“Most attempts to introduce segmentation have been disappointing. There are many ways of segmenting the supply chain – simple ‘lean versus agile’ solutions barely start to recognise the real challenges of what will make a difference,” said Sewell.

Crimson will also be showcasing its updated scprime book, covering the journey to supply chain excellence with a new chapter on people capabilities at the event.

Visit the conference web site for full details:

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