UK launch for supply chain software firm Relex

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Relex, a Helsinki based supply chain software company has launched in the UK.

Relex offers demand forecasting, replenishment ordering, inventory optimisation, allocation, campaign management, assortment management, seasonal forecasting and management, real-time analytics, and delivery load optimisation.

The firm promises a realistic indication of both price and schedule at the first meeting.  Relex offers a pre-study simulation running the client’s existing data though its systems, then a full pilot within part of their operations allowing them to see measurable results before giving final approval.

Co-founder Johanna Smaros, said: “The software can be configured at every level and at every stage so our clients don’t need to come back to us every time their business changes or when they need the system to report or analyse data in a particular way.

“The pre-study allows clients to see how our systems would work with their operations, the pilot gives them a live model that can be configured and customised to their precise needs.  By the time they give final approval they know they’ll get just what they need and they’ll have a guaranteed price.”

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