Newspaper delivery plan for Olympics

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Menzies Distribution is to make changes to its time critical delivery service to avoid disruption in London during the Olympics.

The wholesaler has 2,300 customers across London and has come up with a contingency plan involving extra vehicles and earlier delivery times during the games.

Central logistics development manager Stuart McLean said: “The Olympics will bring increased traffic to London, although the truth is no-one really knows how much.

“What we do know is that it won’t be business as usual and we need to protect our time critical delivery service as much as possible.

“It’s a delicate balancing act for us – we need to look after the needs of publishers who want to include the latest news in their newspapers and magazines, and the retailers who want all products to be available first thing in the morning when they open up.

“By comparing our retailers’ postcodes with those of the dedicated Olympic Route Network we have established that 66 per cent will be affected – most likely because their shop is on the Olympic Route Network.

“That is why we are looking so carefully at timings and vehicle planning, and why we have shared our plans early with publishers and retailers. We are now discussing the potential of earlier deadlines and earlier deliveries.”

It is also looking to maximise opportunities to sell newspapers and magazines on the Torch route, at hotels, travel outlets, bookstalls, media centres, campsites, and major retail points – including foreign publications for international visitors.

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