Polart O Pyret e-fulfilment contract for Clipper

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Swedish children’s clothing retailer Polarn O Pyret has awarded a UK and Ireland e-fulfilment contract to Clipper Logistics.

The operation will be based at Clipper’s Ollerton e-fulfilment centre. The contract includes a bespoke warehouse configuration, which will allow expansion of the product range, and will also offer store replenishment in its second phase, reducing the lead time of stock from Sweden.

Clipper will house some 5,500 SKUs and fulfil customer orders for the UK and Ireland, and the solution uses different storage options to suit the nature and volumes of specific ranges.

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Mats Nilsson, managing director at Polarn O Pyret, said: “We’ve experienced significant growth in recent years and the time has come for us to work in conjunction with an experienced retail logistics partner. Clipper was the ideal choice due to its team’s experience in e-fulfilment including growth strategies and we look forward to further growth in the coming months and years. We are really happy with the impact of migration to Clipper already.”

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