Government millions to fund green trucks

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The government  is putting up £9.5 million to encourage UK road-haulage operators to buy and use low carbon medium and heavy goods vehicles, and the supporting refuelling infrastructure.

The Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial is being run by the Technology Strategy Board. Demonstration trial fleets will be run for two years, during which time usage data will be gathered and analysed by DfT.

In a briefing document the TSB said: “We are seeking to help operators establish and run fleets of alternative and dual-fuel heavy-goods vehicles, and electric and hybrid commercial vehicles by partfunding both the difference in capital cost between the traditional vehicles and their low carbon equivalents, and the refuelling/charging point for use by the trial fleet.

“This competition is open to businesses of any size and we are actively seeking to engage with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as the large operators. Every application must be a collaboration and be led by a vehicle operator. The maximum grant received by a single application is not expected to exceed £750k.”

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In the North East, Zero Carbon Futures, the development and advocacy consultancy for LCVs, is seeking partners to put together a bid. It argues that the region is already internationally recognised as the UK leader in the development and production of low carbon vehicles.

Managing director Dr Colin Herron said: “This funding offers haulage, transport and delivery companies the chance to procure green trucks at very attractive prices, helping them to not only lower their carbon footprints but also their cost base, in what is a highly competitive sector.”

Companies wishing to take part must register by 13th June and complete their applications by 20th June.

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