Lloyd Fraser expands fleet after fashion win

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Lloyd Fraser has taken on 55 vehicles on contract from Ryder after a logistics win with a leading fashion house.

It is using 29 18 tonners and 16 7.5 tonner to provide a scheduled multi-drop delivery service. It has also taken ten 44 tonne tractor units to operate an overnight trunking service between its five hubs.

Catherine Sharp, Lloyd Fraser’s divisional director, said: “We awarded the deal to Ryder on a five year basis; not only because it was the most cost-effective, but because of the unrivalled level of service being provided. On a contract of this size and importance the continuity of service is key. So, missing a delivery schedule is just not an option for us and we’ve built a level of trust with Ryder that whatever problems we have or whatever peaks of demand we incur, no matter how late in the day, they will always come up with a solution.

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“The nature of the fashion business is such that demand is constantly fluctuating, so another key reason for choosing Ryder is that short-term rental is a massive part of our business. We often get additional vehicle requirements thrown at us late in the day and Ryder has always been able to supply us with extra trucks to meet these demands.”

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