Norbert trials 26 tonne Renault hybrid

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Norbert Dentressangle has taken delivery of a 26 tonne hybrid vehicle from Renault for a UK trial of alternative technologies.

The Renault Premium Distribution 310.26 6×2 rear steer hybrid will operate from Norbert’s specialist services site in Aylesford.

The truck will be used on its shared-user network for customers in and around London, where it’s low noise emissions makes it eligible for night time deliveries.

The truck’s combined electric motor and diesel engine consumes around 20 per cent less fuel and is 50 per cent quieter than traditional trucks. The electric motor powers the vehicle at lower speeds, up to 12 miles per hour.

“Because the management of the supply chain will continue to rely on road transport for many years to come, reducing environmental impact of transport and greenhouse gases, means we need to reduce the environmental impact of the truck itself,” said Hervé Montjotin, executive vice president, and director of the transport division.

Norbert Dentressangle is also trialling two hybrid 19-tonne Renault vehicles and a Mercedes 12-tonne hybrid truck on the roads of Paris and Lyon.

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