TIACA calls for more recognition deals

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More countries should follow the lead of the European Union, United States, Switzerland and Canada in pursuing mutual recognition agreements for air cargo security, says The International Air Cargo Association.

There are now agreements between the European Union, Switzerland and the United States, and between the US and Canada to recognise each other’s security regimes. TIACA described them as “welcomed and sensible progress” towards the shared goals of maintaining the highest levels of air cargo security without impeding international air cargo supply chains.

Chairman Michael Steen, “We strongly support efforts to enhance security of the air cargo supply chain without unduly disrupting vital commercial flows. Mutual recognition of robust security regimes is an important way to further this goal, so we commend the US, EU, Swiss and Canadian authorities for their recent announcements in this regard. TIACA will continue to support additional efforts to mutually recognise security regimes and to implement global, harmonized standards.”

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