Eastern Mediterranean set to become key route

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The Eastern Mediterranean is set to become a key trade route into Europe, according to research by Colliers International.

Colliers reckons that more than two thirds of Europe’s external trade by value already passes through its ports, and that this figure is likely to grow as trade and container shipping growth is forecast to outstrip overall economic growth for the foreseeable future.

Len Rosso, head of logistics and industrial at Colliers, said: “New sea routes into Europe from Asia mean the infrastructure is having to expand alongside the ever growing trade.  On the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea for example, new port facilities will allow container ships taking the Suez Canal route to deliver more directly to Central and Eastern Europe.  Goods will reach their destination much faster than if they went via the Rotterdam or Hamburg routes, with a time advantage of between 5-7 days.”

“This is the key area where we are likely to see the most growth.  Ports such as Koper and Trieste will become critical when serving Eastern Europe as the region starts to play a bigger part in the global supply chain.”

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