Witron launches pallet and roll cage delivery buffer

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Witron has launched a “shipping buffer” which stores and provides Euro pallets and roll containers at the same time to ease material flow and trailer loading.

Witron’s patented system enables both Euro pallets and roll cages to be transported over the same dispatch lane at the same time, allowing all load carriers to be provided in the right loading sequence and at the right time – sorted by tour and even by store.

Picked order pallets and roll containers are conveyed to the shipping buffer and stored double-deep or triple-deep. One or two high-speed stacker cranes equipped with flexible telescopic forks, supply the shipping lanes with dispatch units from each module.

The buffer is modular, and load carriers that belong to one tour are stored in the same module. The modular design can be divided into different temperature zones with separate outbound areas for different temperature requirements. 

The automation firm reckons the device will save on warehouse footprint, reduce trailer dock time,  and reduce staff and materials handling costs.

Witron also supplies software to establish exact trailer filling calculations for every outbound trailer type and size.

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