UPS moves to wearable bar-code scanners

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UPS is introducing a new type of “wearable” scanning system designed to accelerate the loading of packages into vehicles and the delivery of visibility information to customers.

The Motorola device consists of a hands-free imager worn on a finger and a small terminal worn on the employee’s wrist or hip.

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The ring imager automatically scans based on label-sensing technology, allowing employees to scan bar-codes more quickly than  the current “point and shoot” method used by existing equipment.

Deployment will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2013 with more than 38,000 ring imager and terminal devices in use at 1,383 facilities.

Juan Perez, UPS vice president of information services, said: “Effectively deploying mobile and pervasive computing technologies like this allows us to achieve those goals, with higher performance, and a more rugged, longer- lasting piece of hardware.”

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