Evans Cycles sees savings from MetaPack

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Evans Cycles reckons it is saving time and money after going live with the MetaPack delivery management system.

The retailer has taken on MetaPack to speed up and improve accuracy in its manual consignment allocation as well as produce faster, more accurate commercial invoices.

The system is  integrated with  its Microsoft Nav order management system allowing a file transfer of all customer and order details directly into MetaPack speeding up the process and improving accuracy.

Since implementing MetaPack, Evans said it had managed to reduce the number of people required at packbench, saving approximately five man days per week.

Stuart McGhee, direct sales operations manager at Evans, said: “We have found that by using MetaPack it’s very easy to add carriers as we only require a simple development to bring them on board. The beauty is then you do not have to import another portal, courier printer, label or indeed train the staff in yet another process. Also the contact centre use MetaPack for tracking, so again integration is quick and up to speed ASAP,” he goes on to say, “we save at least three man days on training costs and around £500 on internal development costs with each courier addition.

 “The courier world is fast paced and you need to be prepared to try new couriers and keep abreast of the latest delivery developments, MetaPack allows this. It works out cheaper to use MetaPack than trying to integrate all couriers into your own warehouse management tool.”

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