Briggs speed measuring device

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Briggs Equipment has developed a speed measuring tool for power pallet trucks to ensure that they are set at maximum site speed limits.

Briggs’ technical manager, Trevor Clifton said: “The device only needs one person to use it and includes two lasers set 3-5 metres away from one another, each with an LCD screen, mounted on tripods. Information from the lasers is sent to a computer where the data is stored and later analysed.

“The laser beams are set side by side, 278mm apart, significantly reducing the 30 meters previously needed. From when the truck touches the first beam to the second beam, the software will accurately record the speed that the truck is moving. Although the run up and slowdown distances are still needed, the overall space has dramatically reduced.”

Other functions include measuring acceleration, brake performance and deceleration rates and can be used to test many different kinds of machines moving either forwards or backwards.

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