One third of truckers are obese

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Almost one third of truck drivers are either obese or morbidly obese, according to a survey by retailer Morrisons which has launched an initiative to encourage healthier eating.

It’s research highlighted the limited choice of healthier food at service stations (45 per cent) as a significant factor. The research by Morrisons NuMe also found:

* 41 per cent of truck drivers worry about their health, and 22 per cent say they would like to be healthier.

* 34 per cent say being ‘on the road’ makes it difficult to be healthy.

* Almost a third snack on biscuits, and more than a fifth snack on crisps daily.

* 70 per cent of truckers admit they do not eat fruit daily and, on average, eat just three of their five a day.

* (23 per cent) mainly eat their meals from transport cafes, service stations, depots or fast food outlets.

*The average trucker spends 20 hours a week behind the wheel, and a quarter (25 per cent) spend four out of five working days (30 hours) in their cabs.

Morrisons nutritionist Bryonie Hollaert, who helped create the healthier NuMe range said:  “This particular community is at the extreme forefront of the rise in obesity across the UK. Because of their profession, it is particularly difficult for them to accommodate healthier eating and exercise.

“With our truck stop takeovers we are providing health information but also healthier versions of their favourite foods including bacon butties with less salt, fat, and lower calorie ingredients.”

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