Enersys first with li-ion

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EnerSys has launched is first lithium-ion battery for use in the motive power sector.

The Hawker XFC-Li is designed for low-duty pallet truck applications.

The battery can be recharged at any time irrespective of the state of charge without degrading long-term performance or reliability. it has an on-board charger and is designed for applications with duty cycles lasting up to 45 minutes where periods of inactivity can be used for rapid opportunity charging.

This means it is suitable for intermittent or sporadic handling requirements such as offloading delivery vehicles or replenishing displays in busy retail environments.

The Hawker XFC-Li a 24V battery with 38Ah capacity that incorporates cells with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode and graphite anode with an lithium-ion electrolyte.

It can be fully recharged in less than one hour from 80 per cent depth of discharge and short, opportunity charges are readily accepted due to its very low internal resistance.

The second new battery is a 24V model with 82Ah capacity which is based on the same thin plate pure lead technology used in the existing Hawker XFC range. Its blocs incorporate lead plates which are much thinner than conventional lead calcium grids. These have lower impedance which enables higher current flows in recharge and discharge modes.

The electrolyte is absorbed in a superior quality micro porous glass mat separator with high absorption and stability for enhanced cyclic capability. These attributes ensure a full recharge is completed in under three hours from 60 per cent depth of discharge.

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