BITO launches new live storage system

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BITO has revised its pallet live-storage system and will be introducing it to the market at the start of 2013.

Called PROflow, the new pallet live system can be matched to individual user requirements using the modular building block principle. It is also very easy to expand or modify retrospectively.

The load separator has been designed to be completely out of reach of a lift truck forks and is therefore not susceptible to damage. This increases functional safety while simplifying handling in the store.

PROflow is based on BITO’s PRO pallet racking system, which was launched in 2008. It includes sliding and live racking systems. The advantages incluce increased storage of up to 60 per cent; high-volume utilisation based on the FIFO principle; separation of replenishment and picking aisles; and, by allowing more product to be stored at the pick location, a reduction of internal transport.

It is also launching the next generation of load separator, The M-Stop, which dispenses entirely with a control flag and a linkage. The separator is outside the range of the stacker and is therefore protected against damage.

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