Toyota promises fuel saving from new engine

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Toyota has introduced a new optimised diesel engine for its Tonero range of counterbalance trucks which it says gives and eight per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and lower CO2.

This 36kW 1DZIII diesel engine has been optimised for fuel efficiency with the integration of a new fuel injection pump regulating fuel in the combustion process. This engine also complies with the latest 97/68/EC emissions regulations.

The new engine is available in all models within the Toyota Tonero diesel range from 1.5 to 3.5 tonne lifting capacities.

Dave Rylance, counterbalance product manager for Toyota  said:  “From listening to our customers, we understand their need to reduce costs and improve efficiency in their operations, to achieve a more sustainable way of working. With the latest developments in 2013 for our class leading Toyota Tonero diesel engine forklifts we are helping our customers improve further – reducing their operational costs linked to fuel consumption and lowering CO2 emissions.”

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