Cognex releases new series of barcode readers

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Cognex has launched a series of image-based bar code readers which it says are more accurate and faster than laser-based systems.

It reckons the DataMan 50L and DataMan 503 provide the highest read rates of 1-D linear barcodes owing to their ability to read labels that are damaged, distorted, blurred, scratched, low in height or low in contrast.

The DataMan 50L is able to let the user see what the reader sees, either through a monitor or image archiving, giving the user the ability to analyse ‘no reads’.

It was designed with no moving parts that can become worn out and require replacement and is able to be integrated into the majority of any new or existing installation due to its size.

The DataMan 503 is designed to be a complement to the existing line of DataMan readers as it has expanded the number of applications where image-based readers can be used.

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