BSI to develop COA’s new standard of flexi tanks

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The Container Owners Association has commissioned BSI, the UK’s national standards body, to develop a new standard of flexi tanks for manufacture and testing of this type of equipment later this year.
Flexi tanks are used to transport bulk liquids inside freight containers. From an estimated 40,000 shipments a year in 2002, their use is said to have increased to around 500,000 shipments for 2014.
A draft document of the new flexitanks, designated PAS 1008, will be put through a development process including a four-week public consultation, due to start mid June, before being reviewed by a steering group of 15 industry experts who will resolve any public comments.
The PAS 1008 will address the testing of materials, performance and labelling, and include a test to determine the flexitank’s resistance to impact when installed in a freight container.

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