How to save money with RFID data

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A consultancy service  has been launched by the University of Derby’s Centre for Supply Chain Improvement to help companies with RFID systems get more useful information out of the computer data they generate.
A research project by the centre has focused on using data obtained from RFID systems more intelligently.
Dr Ming Lim, Head of the University’s Centre for Supply Chain Improvement, said: “Once we’re hired by a company we will be able to use what we’ve learned through our research to plot computer simulations, to see how its supply chain can be run more efficiently. Moving products around involves a lot of variables, such as vehicle and product availability, so it’s important that we take all those into account.
“It’s very difficult to say how much an individual company could save on overheads, as that would depend on how efficiently things were already being run, but I don’t think a saving of 20 per cent on fuel costs for a medium-sized firm, for example, would be impossible.”
The research project has involved the University of Derby, Aston University, leading warehouse management systems provider ATMS International FZCO (Dubai), packaging manufacturer Carton Edge of Coventry and Identify RFID of Thailand. The two-year project cost around £80,000 and was financed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

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