Online businesses are unprepared for 4G takeover, reveals Barclays

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New research from Barclays has shown that Britain’s online transport and logistics businesses are unprepared for the shift to a mobile world, with 88 per cent of them yet to develop their web sites to conform to mobile devices.
The Barclays Online Business Outlook 2013 also revealed that 63 per cent of these businesses believe that a mobile strategy is an important factor to their success this year, but a close 61 per cent admitted they are yet to implement such a strategy.
Further results showed that only 12 per cent of online businesses in the industry have a mobile app or mobile website.
When questioned about 4G networks, 22 per cent said they had not heard of it and 41 per cent said they had, although still know nothing about it.
Head of transport and logistics at Barclays, Rob Riddleston, said: “With an increasingly mobile audience it’s clear that online businesses need to be planning for the risks and opportunities that this brings.
“We’re already seeing a growing trend for consumers to browse on their mobile or tablet rather than their PC.
“It isn’t enough to simply replicate the big screen PC experience for mobile devices. A similarly rich and diverse experience on a smartphone needs to take account of the physical limitations of small screen devices and the way consumers interact with them.”

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