Vocollect integrates voice with hands-free scanning

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Vocollect has unveiled its new Talkman A700, which integrates voice and scanning in one wearable product.

The company said the the A700 facilitated hands-free scanning process steps, such as batch-picking and product traceability, while retaining the ergonomic and performance benefits of a compact, purpose-built mobile device.

Manhattan Associates was one of the first companies to pilot the product. Bill Morris, senior director- hardware systems, said: “In the past we have deployed Bluetooth ring scanners to support scanning in voice workflows.

“All indications are that eliminating the extra piece of equipment, the additional battery required to power the scanner, and the management of pairing the Bluetooth scanners to the Vocollect Talkman A700 solution will be beneficial in both productivity and reduction of maintenance.”

The A700 offers optional integrated bar code scanning and can be used in combination with Vocollect’s VoiceCatalyst software and wireless SRX2 headset.

It is due to be commercially available early this autumn.

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