Special supplement: Logistics Manager Top 50

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The Top 50 Third Party Logistics Providers contains details of the major players in the UK market.

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The survey provides a picture of how the third party logistics market is developing following the recession of 2009. While many third party logistics providers have seen their businesses grow over the past year, for some that process has been fairly slow and painful reflecting the patchy nature of the recovery. And some companies have seen sales fall.

This survey aims to provide the fundamental data needed when looking for a logistics partner with the emphasis on activities in the UK. We estimate companies’ positions in the Top 50 on the basis on sales in the UK using data from a variety of sources. 

This year, we have added a section for companies whose principal activity in the UK is international freight forwarding as well as a section for the pallet networks, as both of these groups have characteristics that make them difficult to align with the core group of domestic logistics providers.

To get into the Top 50 this year required sales of more than £60m – and the companies that have made it into the Top 50 this year still have plenty of competition. Reflecting this, we also provide a list of companies to watch – those that didn’t make it into the listing this year but are growing.

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