Wiley boosts efficiency with TGW automated system

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Automation specialist TGW has installed an integrated materials handling system for book publisher Wiley.

Last year Wiley’s distribution centre at Bognor Regis shipped ten million units to customers in 159 countries across 3.3 million order lines.

Wiley chose TGW to handle the fit-out of a 153,000 unit within the 320,000 sq ft single site facility.

TGW’s Commissioner acts as dynamic buffer to store temporarily and release totes for future sorter waves and a dual split tray sorter operates at high speed while discharging the books accurately and with care.

Since going live, the system has enabled Wiley to reduce the working day from three shifts over 16 hours, to two shifts over 10 hours. The number of units processed per hour has increased by over 400 per cent from 3,500 to 14,400.

“We chose TGW based on past experience and their ability to meet our expectations on time and on budget. The system has inbuilt flexibility to cope with peaks in activity and has the potential to increase annual outbound units from the current 10 million to 30 million,” said Charly Nobbs, Wiley vice president and director.

“The installation has also been welcomed by staff who appreciate the ergonomic design and the improved acoustics of their new working environment. Overall the new system has resulted in significant labour savings, optimum order accuracy, a faster time to market and has provided a sustainable solution for our growing business.”

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