MAN provides new dual fuel engines

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Vancouver-based Waterfront Shipping has awarded a contract to MAN Diesel & Turbo to provide four of the company’s ships with its new ME-LGI dual fuel engines, which run on a mix of 95 per cent methanol and five per cent diesel fuel.

The new engines are intended to expand MAN’s dual fuel portfolio to include more sustainable fuels, such as methanol and liquefied petroleum gas.

Global marine transport company Waterfront Shipping, specialises in the transport of bulk chemicals and clean petroleum products, and reports increased demand for cleaner marine fuel to meet environmental regulations.

MAN developed the ME-LGI engine due to interest from the shipping world.

“With increasing fuel prices and upcoming shipping regulations, we identified the need to develop an engine that can enable ships to run on alternative fuels with environmental benefits,” said Ole Grøne, senior vice-president, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.

“The ability of our ME-LGI engine to run on a sulphur-free fuel offers great potential.”

“Methanol is a sulphur-free fuel and provides many environmental and clean burning benefits,” said Jone Hognestad, president at Waterfront.

“In using methanol-based marine fuel, we can reduce emissions and fuel costs at the same time.”

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