Dairy Crest improves maintenance

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Dairy foods company Dairy Crest has introduced r2c Online’s independent fleet maintenance and compliance platform to its national distribution centre in Nuneaton to improve its commercial vehicle maintenance processes.

The company delivers milk and other dairy products to 1.3 million homes nationwide each week, and says it is committed to ensuring its fleet operates as efficiently as possible.

r2c’s platform has enabled Dairy Crest to remove paperwork and the risk of holding incomplete, and therefore eligible records, from its fleet maintenance processes, by ensuring all vehicle data is captured electronically and immediately uploaded to the platform.

Dairy Crest says it has helped improve the accuracy of compliance records and allowed improved communication and collaboration with the company’s maintenance partners.

“The r2c system has improved fleet performance, costs and visibility across all our tracked assets,” said Jim Whitmore, transport compliance manager at Dairy Crest’s Nuneaton site.

“A paperless system has improved record retrieval along with online reporting to establish vehicle maintenance, defects and attributed costs.

“It’s been so successful that we have now established our key maintenance suppliers within the process to eliminate the timely process of waiting for service inspection sheets.”

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