SDI launches new Hanger Sorter

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SDI Group has developed an automated “Hanger Sorter” system, to recycle empty coat hangers used by the fashion sector, which it says can identify a hanger from more than 80 different profiles in less than 300 milliseconds, using new camera technology.

With the capacity to sort 5,000 units an hour, the company will use the new system to tackle the issue of sorting around 65 million empty hangers a year.

It says the Hanger Sorter will work twice as fast as a manual sorting process, which will result in significant operational benefits, as well as cost and space savings.

“This is a world first for combining intelligent high-speed cameras with fast-sortation technology to identify and sort empty hangers, said Gordon Smith, chief executive officer, SDI Group.

“For the fashion retail sector this technology is the ‘green option’ for re-using and recycling empty hangers and represents a huge productivity gain over presently used manual methods.”

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