The Logistics Manager Fantasy League has arrived!

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Opening on 27 August (Gameweek 3) readers of Logistics Manager are invited to join the official Logistics Manager Fantasy League. 

League updates and tips for the coming weekend will be posted in each Friday’s LM newsletter. The player with the highest score from the previous week  will also be announced. Over the course of the season we will also collate individual scores and circulate results based on average overall company performance, so make sure you encourage your colleagues to get involved as well.

At the end of the season the overall winner and best performing company will be announced (to much fanfare) in Logistics Manager.
To join the league simply visit
For those who haven’t played fantasy premier league before, taking part couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the following steps:
(For those already playing fantasy league simply add your team to the Logistics Manager League)
Step 1: You will be provided with a budget of £100 million and invited to select a 15 man squad.

Top Tip: Don’t squander it all on Robin Van Persie, Gareth Bale and Juan Mata. Players are not guaranteed to play each week and will be automatically substituted from your remaining four players. If these are Luke Chadwick’s second cousin’s best friend you’re unlikely to score any points.

Top Tip 2: Points are awarded for goals scored, assists, clean sheets and penalties saved only. Do not waste money on ‘playmakers’ such as Scott Parker, Ramires, Michael Carrick or Gareth Barry. These players may contribute a great many things to the team performance, but they do not generally score goals or provide the final assist.
Step 2: Pick a snappy team name of no more than 20 characters.
Step 3: Having clicked on the above link and confirmed these details you will automatically be added to the Logistics Manager League.
Step 4: Select your starting 11 choose a captain and vice-captain. Captain’s are awarded double points. Vice-captains are your back-up in case your captain doesn’t play.

Top Tip: Your captain should be the player most likely to score maximum points. Look at the upcoming fixtures and pick carefully, this may not always be Van Persie. Goalkeepers are equally rewarded for clean sheets.
Step 5: Check back on Monday morning (work permitting) and see how you got on. Players are awarded points based on their performance over the weekend. Bonus points are awarded in cases where a player has demonstrated exceptional ability over the entire game. The maximum number of bonus points a player can receive is 3. 
Each week you are allowed a single transfer and have two wildcards to use throughout the season (a wildcard allows you to change your entire team. One of these can only be used during the January transfer window).

Player values can fluctuate over the course of the season depending on their form and the number of other fantasy league users selecting them in their teams. If a player picks up a long-term injury sell them immediately as their value will plummet and you could be stuck with Peter Crouch up front.
If there are any questions contact

Otherwise good luck!

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