CWU threatens strike ballot at Royal Mail

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The Communications Worker Union has set out plans to ballot its members on a national postal strike over a series of issues relating to its current pay claim and the proposed privatisation of Royal Mail.

The union is currently in talks with Royal Mail, but said that if agreement could not be reached, ballot papers would go out to CWU members on 20th September and the result will  be announced on 3rd October. This means that a strike could start on 10th September.

The union is demanding an above inflation pay rise this year together with a agreement on terms and conditions being protected for 10 years in the event of change of ownership.

Royal Mail issued a statement saying it was disappointed that union had issued a timeline for a ballot.

“Discussions over a new three-year agreement between Royal Mail and the CWU are continuing. We are committed to reaching an agreement with the CWU as soon as possible to give our customers and employees continued stability. We believe that focusing on the possibility of industrial action is inappropriate.”

Royal Mail has offered a 2.6 per cent increase in base pay for 2012-14 along with a £300 lump sum to be paid in December. Over the three year period it says the pay increases would be work 8.6 per cent.



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