Saturday 20th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Imperative to reducing warehouse costs

43 per cent of UK businesses see reducing the cost of running warehouse operations as their most critical challenge for business improvement, according to a recent survey carried out on behalf of Access Delta.

The study, Conducted by Redshift Research, found that online ordering, pick and pack operations, and wastage, are areas where companies are most likely to successfully reduce their warehouse costs if they apply the appropriate technology.

It revealed that almost a quarter of businesses now receive most or all of their orders online, and that nearly 50 per cent say e-commerce accounts for half or more of their business.

64 per cent of those surveyed reported growth in their pick and pack operations, but only 11 per cent of these said their IT pick and pack system was fully integrated end-to-end.

With almost half of the participants saying that wastage occurs ”sometimes” or “often”, six per cent admitted that it created a significant problem.