Banning HGVs during peak hours is unachievable, says FTA

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Banning HGVs during peak hours is not the answer to improve the safety of cyclists in London, according to the Freight Transport Association.

The announcement comes after several politicians and cycling campaign groups advocated the banning of lorries from London in the rush hour, following a recent rise in cyclist casualties throughout the city.

The association said the idea is both unachievable and fails to recognise the essential role commercial vehicles play in supplying and servicing towns and cities.

“It would mean massive economic implications for the shops, businesses and residents of the capital,” said FTA’s head of Urban Logistics Policy, Christopher Snelling.

“It would also create new safety issues as one lorry is replaced by about eight – not to mention the increased congestion and air pollution that would result.”

FTA added that many deliveries cannot be delayed until later in the morning, such as bread and fresh food, and medical and cleansing services.

“We must all do more to improve safety, but banning HGVs is a simplistic response with massive economic and transport impacts and an un-quantified safety case,” added Snelling.

“Any measures taken should be intelligent, targeted and evidence based if we are to improve safety while allowing our cities to function.”

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