RE-Tech launches cyclist detection system for vehicles

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RE-Tech UK has launched a new safety system to protect cyclists and drivers, the EyeScan, following a rise in recent cyclist casualties in London.

It says the EyeScan features blind spot proximity sensors and side sensors, to help detect obstacles alongside a vehicle.

The device signals visible and audible alerts to the driver, and includes an external speaking arm, which signals to cyclists and pedestrians when a turn is intended.

“The number of cyclists seriously injured has increased in recent years and installing this type of technology will help to reduce accidents considerably. It will not only be a benefit to the cyclists but also alert drivers,” said managing director of RE-Tech UK, Richard Edwards.

Referring to the Tips campaign created by THINK! In partnership with Transport for London, Edwards added: “The Think! campaign consists of a series of tips, developed to educate and remind drivers and cyclists about the correct way to drive and ride, and reduce the number of collisions on the road.

“Together with the introduction of the EyeScan, this new technology can only help to combat cycling incidents.”

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