Double decker sorting

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TNT Fashion Logistics has doubled sortation capacity at its facility at Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands, by installing an exact copy of its existing SDI Flexible Sortation Unit right above it, on a 5.5 metre high mezzanine.

TNT now has the flexibility to release any type of carton from any conveyor lane into either sorter. The productivity improvements from this space saving solution will produce a payback in less than 18 months.

Both machines from the SDI Group sort single and or pre-packed single garments. This now gives TNT 56,000 carriers per hour and 440 drops in total.

“Although we do not need this capacity for three years, TNT is investing heavily and early because it is vital to have capacity on hand for when the volatile retail market needs it,” said Terry Norman, development director at TNT.

“We also wanted to minimise costs. This meant optimising the cube of the building rather than just its 320,000 sq ft footprint.”

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