Waiting at home for deliveries will cost UK £868m, reveals study

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British shoppers will spend an average of 142 minutes each waiting at home for deliveries this Christmas, costing the economy £868 million, according to the latest research by CollectPlus.

The study saw 2,047 adults from around the UK interviewed via telephone, in November.

It revealed that the average person wastes 31 hours and 48 minutes waiting in for deliveries throughout the year, with 41 per cent having to take time off work to do so.

Those who took time off work either took it as paid holiday, agreed time off, or sick leave. It was revealed that men are twice as likely as women to take the day off sick.

23 per cent of respondents have missed, or been late, to a meeting with friends, to receive a parcel, and nine per cent have missed, or been late, to a medical appointment or family occasion.

More than 75 per cent of those who have waited at home for a delivery have complained that it has turned up late, with 61 per cent saying it never arrived.

26 per cent admit they have been put off ordering online, because they did not want to wait at home, and one in five said they had not completed an order because they were unable to specify a delivery time of their choice.

“Our research shows that inflexible deliveries are damaging the overall shopping experience for customers,” said chief executive officer of CollectPlus, Neil Ashworth.

“Part of the appeal of shopping online is the convenience it offers, but as well as being able to make their purchases when they want, people also want to be able to get their goods at a time and a place that suits them.

“Retailers must focus on offering customers convenience in the delivery process.”

The study also showed that shoppers are more likely to wait at home for goods such as electronics and technology goods at 42 per cent, and home and garden-ware at 35 per cent.
It showed that women are twice as likely as men to wait in for fashion items, but men are twice as likely as women to wait at home for sport and leisure purchases.

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