Mop maker Vileda renews UK logistics contract

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Vileda, which makes cleaning products, has renewed is multi-million euro contract with Ceva for a further five years.

Ceva stores some 5,300 pallets across over 700 SKUs for Vileda at its multi-user warehouse facility in Corby. It dispatches around 350 orders per week, equating to around 2.7 million cases a year.

Mirib Michael, supply chain manager for Vileda, said: “This year, as part of Ceva’s LEAN methodology, a full review of our converting operation was undertaken which resulted in a complete overhaul of the way product flows through the warehouse and converting area. The subsequent changes have delivered some huge benefits and we look forward to further improvement measures across the contract term.”

Vileda’s consumer and professional product ranges are also assembled into the correct packaging denomination and product configuration before distributing orders to its UK wholesalers. In addition to this, Ceva also provides product receipt, stock management, supplier collections and label production as part of the solution.

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