Re-think congestion charge – FTA

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The Freight Transport Association is urging Transport for London to re-think the congestion charge on freight operators, following plans to raise it from £10 to £11.50 a day.

The congestion charge increase would equal an over-inflationary rise of 17 per cent for the freight industry, which is basically a tax rise for businesses within the transport and logistics industry, says FTA.

Although the association fully recognises the aim of the congestion charge, it considers it as a tax on deliveries, when in many cases the delivery driver has no choice but to enter the Congestion Charge Zone.

“While FTA is not opposed to the principle of the congestion charge, London’s businesses rely on freight to deliver essential goods and services and without the logistics industry, the capital would simply grind to a halt,” said head of policy for London and the South East at FTA, Natalie Chapman.

“It is not feasible to deliver goods on public transport and nor are alternative modes practical for the to-the-door deliveries that central London requires.

“With no charge-free breaks available in the daytime to encourage deliveries to be made outside of rush hour, the association continues to ask TfL to consider all available options for providing discounts and exemptions to the scheme for freight.”

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