Poor packing is to blame for two thirds of cargo accidents, says TT Club

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As many as two thirds of accidents involving the loss or damage of containerised cargo are caused by poor or improper packing, according to transport and logistics insurer  TT Club’s latest analysis.

TT Club said the loss of such cargo to the industry results in direct expense, operational disruption, and management distraction, as well as litigation or insurance costs.

But it added that modern containers pass through so many handling processes during their journey, so it can de difficult to pinpoint liability for an incident, even when poor packing is suspected.

“It is no surprise that the correct packing of containers is high on the agenda for industry bodies, regulators and insurers, as the consequences of unsafe and badly secured cargo are serious,” said risk management director at TT Club, Peregrine Storrs-Fox.

“It is important to take account not only of financial losses but also in too many cases serious bodily injury to operators, and even death.

“Increased levels of training to maintain and improve the expertise of those employed by shippers, consolidators, warehouses and depots to pack containers and other transport units is now essential.”

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