TNT Express unveils new top team

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TNT Express chief Tex Gunning has revealed his new top team to take the business forward as part of a new programme, “Outlook”. The aim is to adjust the organisation in the second half of 2014 and existing reporting lines will not change until then.

Marco van Kalleveen, takes on the role of managing director domestics and chief transformation officer. He is a strategy and turnaround specialist and previously worked for McKinsey and Bain Capital.

Ian Clough, becomes managing director international Europe. Clough has 20 years industry experience, most recently as DHL’s CEO North America.

Michael Drake, takes on the role of managing director international Asia Middle East & Africa. He has 20 years with TNT, most recently as MD International AMEA.

Chris Goossens becomes managing director customer experience. She started with TNT Express in 1988 and has held global management positions in sales, customer experience and operations. Her most recent role was managing director Europe & Americas. 

Martin Södergård, managing director network operations, has 25 years industry experience, including as DHL’s group director global networks.

And Steven Scheers becomes chief people officer. He has 20 years HR experience, most recently as Global HR Director.

The changes at the top are part of the Outlook programme, which takes over from the Deliver! programme and has three priorities: focus on profitable growth; invest in performance; and organise to win.

The company reported a rise in adjusted operating income to €76m in the fourth quarter despite revenue slipping slightly to €1.8bn. However, operating income for the year was down to €48m from €158m in 2012.

Gunning said: “We have distinct areas of strengths but also need to make substantial improvements. Building on our strengths, our vision is to be the ‘fastest and most reliable’ European road delivery company. With Outlook, we now have a detailed agenda to realise this vision and meet the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders.

“Outlook has three priorities: an absolute focus on profitable growth, making a step-change in reliability and productivity, and organising ourselves to be more nimble and accountable. Specific initiatives have already started and we today announce our new management board.”

The profitable growth element of the Outlook programme is designed to sharpen the focus on TNT Express’ truly competitive services and on those customers for whom the company can provide the greatest value.

“This will be done by expanding the European road network to move more by road, by increasing the contribution from four priority industries (automotive, industrial, health care and high tech) and by serving more SMEs even better. Separate attention will be given to the profitability of TNT Express’ domestic operations in France, Italy, the UK, Brazil, Chile and in the Pacific, with the implementation of specific strategies tailored to each individual market.”

“Invest in performance” includes process improvements and investments in automation and infrastructure.

“Transforming the IT function and expanding the scope of global business service centres will help drive productivity. A disciplined revenue management function will be developed, to optimise pricing and capacity use. Finally, regarding corporate responsibility, priority will be given to staff and subcontractor health and safety, with the accelerated roll out of recognised industry best practices.”

The company will adjust its organisation in the second half of 2014, as part of the “Organise to win” strategy.

“One management team will lead the integrated international express activities across Europe (‘International Europe’). The other international activities will be managed by a separate leadership team, International Asia Middle East and Africa (‘International AMEA’).

“The domestic businesses in France, Italy, the United Kingdom and the entities in Brazil, Chile and Pacific will be managed within a separate cluster, ‘Domestics’. The new structure will facilitate greater focus and accountability. In addition to these organisational changes, the company will work to strengthen the performance and leadership culture of management and staff.”

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