Chilled out mega-shed

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International distributor Freezeserve has one of the UK’s most advanced food storage facilities at its secure 20-acre cold store in Liverpool.

The firm reckons the £11 million facility is the first fully automated cold store
in the UK with purpose built state of the art, secure facilities including cross docking, 23,000 pallet capacity, 180 pallet movements per hour, and an automated storage system with integrated stock control.

To replace its SAP based system, the firm took on Amethyst Systems to provide a new WMS to integrate with their IT and the automated cold storage structure.

The system uses a web application with SQL server database backend, a full reporting suite and a separate scanning app.

It can interface with the OptilogX automated cold storage facility provided by ORTEC.

It links handheld devices such as the Boston 8550 and truck-mounted Vienna forklift computers that were provided by TouchStar Technologies.

The new system has already enabled Freezeserve to break their logistics records and in its first full month of operation it facilitated 23,401 pallet movements.

Richard Pollard, operations manager for Freezeserve, said: “Our overall goal was to find a system that would serve multiple clients and give them access to view information about the stock we hold on their behalf… Not only has the system improved efficiency in the warehouse, it also provides reports on stock-holding for invoicing purposes.”

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