McBurney gets BRC certification

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UK food transport and storage company McBurney Refrigeration has taken on NW Systems Group to install an IP video surveillance system at its principle UK storage depot in Liverpool as part of a range of security and health & safety improvements required to gain British Retail Consortium food safety standards certification.

The surveillance system was taken in response to a key security and fire threat which jeopardised BRC accreditation, namely drivers not observing the site’s smoking ban and lighting up right outside doors which offer access to the chillers.

NW Systems deployed some 30 Merit LILIN IP cameras at the site, and Milestone Mobile software was deployed to provide relevant senior managers access to live and recorded images on their smart phones.

McBurney Refrigeration was keen to gain compliance with this standard before the beginning of 2014 when some of its larger customers, including ASDA, began requiring it as a condition of doing business with them.

Peter Amos, warehouse manager, McBurney Refrigeration, added: “We also distribute frozen burgers and buns for McDonalds. They are demanding a slightly more stringent food safety standard, widely adhered to in the US, called Distributors Quality Management Process.

“This standard demands highly secure access to food storage areas as well. We hope to secure accreditation with this standard also later this month.”

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