Honeywell launches new tech

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Honeywell has launched a full range laser barcode scanner, The Granit 1280iFR, and new Vocollect voice technology solutions.

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The Granit 1280iFR scanner can read 100 mil retro-reflective labels from as far away as 16.5 metres and 7.5 mil codes as close as 8.9 cm.

Honeywell says it is designed for unparalleled durability and continuous operation at temperatures of -30 degrees C, and the firm reckons it is the industry’s best full-range scanner for cold storage environments.

Honeywell has also released an upgrade to the VoiceCatalyst 2.1software which allows customers to seamlessly transition to a Talkman A700 device without having to change their current systems.

With VoiceCatalyst 2.1, customers will have access to SoundSense, which reduces speech recognition errors by 50 per cent.

And the A720 is Vocollect’s latest innovation in its Talkman A700 series which can be used via the VoiceCatalyst software. It is a new voice-centric mobile device has two Talkman Connectors, enabling customers to get the most out of their wired peripherals.

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