DHL Envirosolutions converts waste to profit

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DHL Envirosolutions reckons it is generating millions of pounds of additional revenue for UK businesses through its waste management and recycling practices.

Recycle and re-use programmes, as well as new technologies such as mini-balers and biomass-fuelled machines, are tailored to each customer’s needs.

During 2013, DHL Envirosolutions converted waste from UK businesses into £12 million of revenue for its customers and, by diverting 138,000 tonnes of material from landfill, reduced its customers’ environmental taxes while creating new revenue streams.

“Many businesses still regard recycling as just a compliance issue, but it’s entirely possible to turn it into a revenue stream as well,” said business director, Simon Potter.

“By integrating new technologies into the supply chain, 
not only are we helping UK businesses meet the latest legislation – as well as their CSR objectives – but we’re generating additional revenue for them in the process.”

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