Freightliner adds a Euro-6 to fleet order

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Freightliner has taken delivery of 39 new MAN Euro-5 tractor units – and one Euro-6 unit.
The company operates more than 200 44-tonne artics from ten UK depots. Birmingham, one of its principal railheads, is the national hub for Freightliner Road Services.
Eight daily import and export rail services handle a capacity of 1,400 unladen containers and 450 laden containers. Covering a 28-acre site, the rail-freight terminal has expanded following the release of land previously used by P&O.
The MAN TGX 24.48 6×2 deliveries form part of Freightliner’s rolling replacement contract. More than half the fleet is now MAN.
Freightliner reckons it has saved £2.4 million over five years thanks to a focus on its drivers. Fuel economy has regularly topped 10.0mpg and, increasingly, 11.0 mpg on some operations – all at 44-tonnes.
“We’re expecting even better long-term gains with the Euro-6 MAN,” said Richard Branston, general manager, road operations.
“It’s early days but the signs are very encouraging. It’s very difficult for us to make savings as the average container delivery distance for our trucks is just 56 miles. So, the £2.4 million saving over the last five years demonstrates the massive commitment from our drivers and fully justifies our stringent training programme.

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