Roger Williams to retire from UKWA

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Roger Williams is to step down as CEO of the UK Warehousing Association after 15 years. His successor will be unveiled shortly.

Williams will hand over the majority of his duties in the New Year. He will continue to work for UKWA until 31 July, taking the staff lead in hosting the IFWLA convention in Liverpool in June, and UKWA’s annual lunch and awards ceremony in July.

He will also retain his responsibilities as secretary general of the International Federation of Warehousing Logistics Associations.

He said: “Joining UKWA after 32 years with the Royal Marines was not quite a seamless change, but my first career prepared for me well for the unusual, the unexpected and the impossible! During my second career, UKWA has changed out of all recognition since 1998, and I am proud to have been part of that change.

“I leave UKWA in the knowledge it is positioned well to meet the challenges – known and unknown – that it will face in the future; not least of all is the prospect of another – and perhaps more fragile – coalition government.”


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