Do the efforts of your supply chain team deserve recognition?

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The 9th annual European Supply Chain Excellence Awards are now open for entry and offer an outstanding opportunity to recognise the progress you have made in improving the performance of your supply chain.

Covering six industry sectors and four special categories, plus the team of the year, the awards are unparalleled in their ability to attract entries from some of Europe’s leading companies, whilst offering the opportunity to everyone to benchmark their performance using PRTM’s Five Core Discipline framework.

Even if you don’t believe that you excel in every dimension of your supply chain, the special award categories allow you to enter on the basis of a set of narrower parameters, covering:
* Environmental Improvement
* Logistics and Fulfilment
* Sourcing and Procurement
* Supply Chain Innovation and Improvement

We assess every entry both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our benchmark database is generally acknowledged to be the best in the business and for the industry sector entries we also assess each entry against the five core disciplines that drive superior supply chain performance.

We firmly believe that the best supply chains contribute to competitive advantage. However we also understand that driving supply chain improvement sometimes feels like a never ending task!

The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards provide a unique opportunity to not only see how well your supply chain compares with others, but for the finalists and winners provides a fantastic opportunity to recognise the efforts and achievements of your team.

Go on – enter now, you’ve got nothing to lose and an enormous amount to gain!

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