Time is running out fast – but it’s still not too late to get your entry in!

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With a closing date of July 3rd, there is now less than a week to go before entries close for the 9th annual European Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

Remember that this year we are covering six industry sectors and five special categories, plus the team of the year, so there is an award for everyone!  Even if you don’t believe that you excel in every dimension of your supply chain, and so don’t want to enter for the sector award, the special award categories allow you to enter on the basis of a set of narrower parameters, covering:

  • Customer Service and Support
  • Environmental Improvement
  • Logistics and Fulfilment
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Supply Chain Innovation and Improvement

We already have many excellent entries from many of Europe’s leading companies, but we are hungry for more, so take just a few minutes and look at what’s required to complete the initial entry. It’s deliberately designed to make the initial workload not too onerous, although the more information you can supply now, the less you might need to supply later.

We firmly believe that the best supply chains contribute to competitive advantage. However we also understand that driving supply chain improvement sometimes feels like a never ending task! The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards provide a unique opportunity to not only see how well your supply chain compares with others, but for the finalists and winners provides a fantastic opportunity to recognise the efforts and achievements of your team.

So, this is your last chance to enter – and remember you’ve got nothing to lose and an enormous amount to gain!


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