New push for best practice in logistics

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The European Logistics Association is taking the lead in the development of best logistics practice in Europe.

In June it took over responsibility for the European Logistics Best Practice Platform. Now known as ELAbestLog, it will take over directly from the present bestLog Project web platform in February 2010.

With it will come a number of important changes to fulfil its task of providing a basis for co-operation and an important source of knowledge for everybody who wants to make “best use of best Practice”.

ELAbestLog will promote the concept of using best practice in logistics in Europe to improve economic performance while minimising environmental and social impact. The development is timely in the face of the challenge of global economic circumstances today.

The ELA Board Action Group has been working through the summer months to make the necessary arrangements for the operation of ELAbestLog. A key feature of the new operation will be the ELAbestLog Community, a forum designed to enable cooperation to develop and share best practice.

A particular strength will be ELA’s unique network of national member organisations covering more than 30 European countries. This will provide critical links for the ELAbestLog Community. ELA is putting considerable emphasis on making sure ELAbestLog is robust.

Thomas Boegli, leader of the ELA Board Action Group is clear about this: “We are working towards something straightforward which will work – I would rather that we strayed on the side of effective simplicity rather than developing something which is too ambitious.”

A major step forward to realise ELA’s ambitions comes shortly when Stephane Pique from Switzerland arrives as chief executive of the new organisation – ELAbestLog – which ELA is forming to support the operation.

Stephane, 38, has wide experience in logistics, project management and marketing. He will be known to many of you as a result of his close engagement in electronic tracking in recent years.

“I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead,” says Stephane, “building up the ELAbestLog Community is an exciting prospect”, anticipating the action ahead to establish a working Platform.

The bestLog project

The bestLog Project is funded by the European Commission. It was started in 2006 and will conclude in January 2010.

* Its origins lie in the recognition that if transport continues to grow at the same rate as the economy this will become both an economic and an environmental problem. Increasingly congested roads are as much a disadvantage to European business as they are to society at large.

* Its aims include: improving logistics practice; improving logistics education; reducing the differences between logistics practices across Europe; setting standards for logistics education and practice; creating growth and jobs; and, achieving a better match between EC policy and business decisions.

* The bestLog project is establishing an exchange platform for the improvement of supply chain management practice across Europe.
* At the conclusion of the project in January 2010, ELA will take this platform forward.

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